Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine
Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine
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Ottoman cuisine is a buried treasure, the heritage of a great empire which lasted for 700 years... A synthesis of Central Asian, Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Balkan flavours. Unfortunately, very few recipes from this rich cuisine have survived due to a tradition which demanded that cooks’ guilds keep their recipesand cooking techniques secret.

Here at Asitane, we have made it our mission to reintroduce the authentic Ottoman cooking to the world. Since 1991, dedicated staff have hunted down lost tastes with academic zeal. In order to try and recreate authentic Ottoman Cuisine, we have consulted a variety of sources, including the budget ledgers of the three main palace kitchens - Topkapı, Edirne and Dolmabahçe - and the memoirs of foreign diplomats and visitors. It is with great pleasure that we offer you long-forgotten dishes which we have revived based on documents that lay in palace archives for 500 years. The dishes in the menu are prepared from these historic resources using original ingredients and cooking methods.

At Asitane, we strive to provide our guests with an authentic palate experience that does justice to the splendors of the Imperial kitchens. We are delighted to welcome you to our restaurant, where our welcoming and experienced staff will treat you to an unforgettable feast.

Enjoy your meal!


1. Almond Soup (1539)
A light almond broth flavoured with grated nutmeg and pomegranate seeds

2. “Terine” Soup with Chestnuts (1469)
Winter soup with chestnuts, dried yogurt and mint

3. Liver Soup (1764)

4. Yogurt Soup with Croutons (XV. c.)

Cold Appetizers

5. Asitane Treats

 Ottoman Hums (1469)
Crushed chickpeas lightly pureed with currants, pine nuts, and cinnamon

“Lor” Cheese Blend (1898)
Fresh cottage cheese mixed with scallions, parsley, green peppers, tomatoes and seasoned with rosemary and paprika

Creamed broad beans, seasoned with dill and served with a drizzle of olive oil 

Pounded Cucumber Salad (1844)
With onions and pictachios

6. Gerdaniyye
Lamb chuck slowly braised with aromatic vegetables and herbs, blended
with lamb brains, served with sour black plum extract

7. Cabbage Rolls with Chestnuts (1844)
Cabbage leaves rolled with a blend of rice, onions, spices, chestnutscooked in olive oil

8. Shrimp “Pilaki’’ (XV. c.)
Shrimp with garlic, carrots, scallions cooked with olive oil and vinegar


9. Cauliflower Salad with Tahini (1898)
Blanched cauliflower salad with mustard seeds and tahini dressing

10. Romaine Lettuce Salad with “Dilber” Dressing (1864)

11. Rocket Salad with ‘’Tulum’’ Cheese

12. Shepherd‘s Salad 14
Diced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, scallions, crushed walnuts and herbswith pomegranate dressing

Warm Appetizers

13. Grilled “Circassian” Cheese with Oyster Mushrooms

14. Liver “Köfte” (1695)
Fried liver patties flavoured with cinnamon and cloves served with red onionssauteed in pomegranate molasses

15. “Fatty Apron” Kebab (1764)
Minced lamb and beef blended with coriander seeds, cumin, pine nuts andmint,
wrapped in caulfat and roasted in the oven

16. Trotter Stew (1471)
Stewed lamb’s trotter with vinegar and garlic, served on crispy rye bread

17. Fish Patties
Fried fish patties flavoured with pine nuts, currants and spices

18. Stuffed Spleen (1924)
Lamb spleen stuffed with dill, pine nuts, spring onions and ricebraised and deep fried on order


19. “Hassa Bourek”
Traditional Turkish “yufka” pastry layered and rolled with tulum cheeseand a blend of green olives, walnuts, yogurt, spring onions and tarragon

20. Spinach “Piruhi” (1844)
Home made pasta parcels, stuffed with spinach, onions, and crumbly ‘tulum’ cheese

21. Chicken Bourek (XV. c.)
Deep fried dough parcels stuffed with chicken, eggs, spring onions and fresh herbs

22. Bulgur Pilaf with Chestnuts (1469)
Bulgur pilaf cooked with chestnuts, currants and spices

23. Couscous (1910)
Traditional “Maraş” couscous, butter sauteed with walnuts, red pepper flakes and parsley

24. “Pilaf” with Mulberries (1650)

Main Courses

25. Veal “Külbastı” (1844)
Grilled fillet of beef seasoned with tarragon and black pepper,served with green pilaf

26. “Mahmudiyye” (1539)
Chicken stewed with honey, apricots, ‘Rezaki’ raisins and almonds,flavoured with honey, cinnamon and cloves

27. Stuffed Quince (1539)
Baked quince stuffed with a blend of minced lamb and beef, rice,aromatic herbs, pine nuts, currants and flavoured with grape molasses

28. “Mutanjene” (1539)
Braised leg of lamb stewed with apricots, ‘Rezaki’ raisins and almonds

29. “Kırma” Chicken Kebab (1764)
Grilled chicken fillets served on vinegar sauteed onionsand pickled red cabbage

30. Goose Kebab (1539)
Slowly roasted “Çankırı” goose served on a bed of almond pilaf in crunchy Turkish “Yufka”

31. Savoury Meat Patties (1764)
Grilled minced lamb and veal patties flavoured with aniseed,cinnamon, gum mastic and pistachios,
wrapped in “Yufka”

32. Lamb Shank with Spinach “Marmarina” (1844)
Braised lamb shank served on creamy spinach in a crispy pastry bowl

33. Borani-i Hassa (XV. c.) (Vegetarian)
Spinach cooked with onions, eggs and rice, dressed with garlic yogurt

34. “Tuffahiye” Stuffed Apple (XV. c.) (Vegetarian)
Baked apple stuffed with a blend of cracked wheat, celery and onions.Served with shallots cooked in
ginger apple sauce

Fish Dishes

35. Mackarel “Dolma” (1844)
Breaded and fried whole mackarel stuffed with currants, pine nuts, and herbs

36. Sea Bass “Biryan” (XV. c.)
Roasted whole sea bass stuffed with walnuts and spices, served with a saffronand rose water dressing


37. Pounded Almond “Halva” (1539)

38. “Helatiye”
Milk pudding infused with gum mastic, served with almonds, pistachios, and seasonal fruits in a light rose water syrup

39. “Sembuse” (1650)
Walnut and almond dessert with musk

40. “ Südlü Zerde’’ (1539)
Milk pudding flavoured with saffron and honey 

41. Honey and Rose Water “Halva” (1650)

Homemade Sherbets and Syrups

42. Tamarind, Cinnamon, Hibiscus

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